Alumni Body formation meeting - Business School | Sept 28, 2019

First Business School Alumni Body formation meeting was held at Emporium Mall on Saturday, 28th Sep 2019. Mr, Hassan Akbar from Mobilink, Mr. Musa Kaleem from MCB Bank Limited, Mr. Muhammad Sheharyar from IGI Insurance Packages group, Mr. Farhan Majeed from Adsells Group of Companies honored the request of Mr. Muhammad Mudassar Tabussam – Vice President of Business School – Alumni Association of UMT.
They all have joined Business School Body and will be a great power to grow this network. Alumni from Business School are invited and warmly welcomed to join the body as volunteers. Contact Details of Mr. Mudassar : [email protected]

Photo from right: Mr Hassan Akbar, Mr Musa Kaleem, Mr Mudassar Tabussam, Mr Muhammad Sheharyar & Mr Farhan Majeed