Giving To UMT

Giving to UMT allows you to take part in something you love, it gives you some ownership of your alma mater, and it helps create strong connections in the campus. Your financial contribution will make a difference and leave your mark on the University. If you can facilitate UMT financially, you would be helping to ensure that we continue to provide the very best education for thousands of people every year. Play your part in providing a first-class education for UMT’s student community, now and for future generations. Even a small amount can make a big difference and  you are leaving a legacy for current students to follow, you are also setting the trend for the future. Following are some areas where your donations may be utilized; these include but are not limited to:

  • Scholarship for deserving students
  • UMT Library
  • Equipments for all UMT Labs
  • You can donate for any other specific purpose which you like

Deposit Options
Donations can be deposited through ATM, online banking, in any branch of HBL or in UMT accounts office
Bank:                           Habib Bank Limited
Account Title:               University of Management and Technology
Account Number:          10257900316703
Branch Name:               Fortress Stadium Branch Lahore (For deposit slip info only, if required)

Note:  Please send scanned copy of deposit slip at [email protected]

Cheques should be made payable to the “University of Management and Technology”.

Postal Address
Office of Alumni
University of Management and Technology
CII, Johar Town
Lahore Pakistan