Rector's Message

Join us to be great

Alumni occupy a special position in the history of a university. Their success reflects on the quality of professional education that they have received. They have a life long relationship with the university. Old students are the torchbearers of the academic, moral and cultural traditions of the institution. By these standards, I am extremely proud of the 8000 plus alumni who have passed through the gates of ILM/UMT during the last 22 years, who are all a community of ILMIANS.

UMT has good reason for its pride. ILMIANS have done well in their professions. They have become business leaders, educators, IT professionals, engineers and scientists. Most of them have maintained links with us, either by returning to participate in university organized events or simply to become a part of the UMT community. And it is a strong, vibrant and diverse community that is truly international in character. They have done well in the global as well as the local employment market. As rector, I could not have asked for more. You, the ILMIANS have taken UMT beyond borders. Your accomplishments have earned us respect from peers and academic bodies. You have helped shape an identity for yourselves as ‘members of the UMT community’ and built a reputation for moral sensitivity, compassion and independent thinking. Thank you for having an enduring relationship with us.

Dr Muhammad Aslam