President's Message

The UMT alumni are a diverse group that transcends generations and geographical boundaries. Among them are scientists, educators, entrepreneurs and civil servants. There is a considerable diversity within it, but at the same time we also share a core value — a commitment to service that drives us to make positive contributions.
UMT is preparing its participants for the future. We are producing professionals who possess the aptitude to break down complex ideas and understand new phenomenon.
The world is accelerating rapidly and a new society evolving at an even more rapid pace. The challenges you will encounter and the life and career choices you make will face a demand for continuous learning and skill acquisition, which will be key to getting on board a transformational journey that prepare you to excel at whatever comes your way.
This institution truly believes in staying connected with its alumni and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them as they discover new horizons.
Our objectives will always be centered on being a positive influence for our alumni, growth with knowledge and skills required to navigate the emerging world as its moves towards a modern era.
Alumni should reinvent themselves with technological advancements by developing connections with one another. Pakistan is at a crossroads and we can’t sit back and wait for the revolution to happen to us. We need to lead the change; and that requires being well-informed and engaged to work and network with people from diverse cultures. Each alumnus’s success story is unique and powerful and today we are delighted to see how well prepared you are to take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities.
Alumni should be good mentors for other eagles that get ready to fly once they get their degrees.
Ibrahim Hasan Murad
President ILM Trust & UMT