Awards 2013

Recognition of accomplishments made at the 9th UMT Convocation on November 30, 2013

Name Category
Dr. Ali Kashif Bashir Government Sector
Dr. Haroon Rasheed Government Sector
Syed Mohammad Abid Qadri Government Sector
Haroon Islam Government Sector
Muhammad Saeed Sarwar Government Sector
Muhammad Sulman Hassan Government Sector
Khurram Jawad Khawaja Government Sector
Farhan Yousaf Government Sector
Atif Rehman Export Sector
Khawaja Usman Sarfraz Export Sector
Tasneem Alam Export Sector
Muhammad Salman Talib Export Sector
Khobaib Ahmad Vahedy Community Services
Jamil Ahmed Community Services
Dr. Ali Kashif Bashir Community Services
Syed Muhammad Aqeel Tahir Community Services
Mirza Zia Hussain Community Services
Muhammad Abdullah Community Services
Rashid Latif Community Services