Alumni Profiles

Ali Mujahid Chaudary

Organization Information

All Business Consultancy (ABC) Universal is a value based organization and a team of result oriented professionals who are dedicated to work 24/7 to meet our clients’ needs from conception to execution and from quality assurance to expansion.

Our core values are Trust on Allah, Honesty, Reliability, Care and Social Justice. We give prime importance to ethics and regulations and our goal is to make your business financially successful and transforming it as a useful component of the society in the long run.

ABC Universal Vision: “To become a leading international management consultancy, serving the needs of individuals, organizations, companies and governments.”

We provide services in 4 major areas:

Management Consultancy:
New Business Development, Business Intelligence, Corporate Governance, Development of Systems, Policies, SOPs, JDs, KPIs, SWOT Analysis, Feasibility & Forecasting, Financial Analysis, Marketing Research, Infrastructure, Interior & Equipment, HR & Recruitment, Marketing Solutions, IT Support, Dashboard Reporting, Daily Operations Management, Documentation, Quality Management System, Monitoring & Evaluation, Risk Assessment, Customer Feedback, Research & Development & Change Management.

Educational Management:
Institution Development & Improvement, Quality Assurance, Organizational Change, Academic Audit, Monitoring & Evaluation, Performance Management, Professional Development, Teachers’ Training, Principal Leadership Development, Curriculum & Lesson Plans Development, Academic Guidance, Student Counseling, Research Guidance, IELTS/Test preparations and Admissions Abroad

Professional Trainings:
Principals’ Leadership Development, Teachers’ Training, Management, Quality Assurance, Legal Education, English Language & Communication Skills, Information Technology, Organizational Psychology, Child & Educational Psychology, Research & Analysis

Legal Assistance:
Corporate (New FIRM, LLP & Company Registration) Civil (Writ Petitions, Legal Drafting, Property, Sale, Rent, Partnership, Will, Gift, Inheritance, Marriage, Divorce, Adaptation Consumer Rights (Law Suits against Govt. & Pvt. Companies, Medical Malpractice) Criminal (pre/post arrest bails & All major offences)

Describe the work that you do in your role

I am a Management Consultant, Trainer & Researcher who brings with him a unique combination of two decades of experiences with various government and non-government organizations in the USA & Pakistan.

I hold a Bachelors’ degree in Educational & Organizational Psychology, a Masters’ in Educational Research and an M.Phil in Educational Leadership & Management. Ali is dedicated to bring a positive change in the society which would help a large number of people in the long run. He considers his life as a journey from self-development to nation development.

Indicate previous experience and/or areas of career proficiency/achievenments

I remained motivated to bring a positive change anywhere i work, I have taken a variety of roles during my career extending from Tutoring, Teaching, Volunteering, Fund Raising, Training, Activism, Public Awareness, Newspaper Writing, Community & Youth Development, Guidance Counseling, Academic Research, English Language Teaching to more leading roles in Educational Management, Quality Assurance, Recruitment & Team Building, Professional Development of Principals, Teachers, Staff, Programs, Systems, Standards, SOPs, JDs, KPIs and Policy Formulation with senior officials, Govt. Ministers and members of Parliament.

Describe your success in your professional life and achievements

I went to USA to observe the American system of education and get higher education in the field of education. I studied in New York at 4 different institutions and got an Associate’s in Ad ministration, a Bachelor’s in Educational and Organizational Psychology (the first in Pakistan) and a Master’s in Educational Research.

I worked as an intern with New York Senator Charles Schumer, different organizations including New York Board of Education, Brooklyn College Project Peace, 2 different high schools and with non-profits including NYFA, COPO, CIAP, ICNA, ISNA, Green Peace International, Pakistani American Community, NewsPakistan etc.

Along with a thousand other things, I learned about value based education systems, research methodologies, applications of psychology and most importantly the role an individual can play in a knowledge economy.

There are some turning points in a person’s life. I went to USA in the Fall of 2001. After about a year and a half, in spring 2003, I took a course in organizational psychology and behavior. One day, our teacher Prof. Stanzer was explaining Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs. I was unable to understand the concept of self-actualization, so I asked him to give me an example.

He said, “Mr. Chaudary, let me give you an example of a Jewish student who completed Ph.D in Nuclear Physics from the world’s most prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), rejected a hundred thousand dollar job offer and went back to Israel to teach physics to kids in small village school. That’s self-actualization when you put your own needs behind and do something to benefit a large number of people. That’s self-actualization when you develop yourself and do something to help others which would bring a change in the long run”.

At that very moment, I thought if a Jewish can do it, why not a Muslim? And if an Israeli has done that, a Pakistani will also do that. So after that day, I studied and worked hard in USA to gather all possible knowledge and experiences but it was clear to me that I will go back and work for the benefit of my own country and strenghten my nation Insh Allah.

Write your activities and achievement if you were member of any club or society in UMT?

I have completed my M.Phil in Leadership & Management on scholarship with 3.93 GPA along with wonderful learning and experiences.

I remained the Class Representative (CR) in all courses I studied.

What do you remember about your time in ILM / IMT /UMT?

I meet Dr. Hassan Sohaib Murad (late) at a seminar. He was a magnificent person and that intrigued me to get admission here.

UMT is playing a positive role in the development of nation and providing new opportunities.

I am dedicated to remain connected with my alma meter and offer my professional services in whatever capacity possible.