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Irfan Ullah

Organization Information

VivaSal Foods (Pvt) Ltd. was established in 2011 making use of the towering potential of the Panasian Group of companies in adapting to dynamic market requirements through the process of research, evaluation and development. The group developed this diversified business venture by entering the stable and sustainable agro-food line.

VivaSal Foods is now a top of the line Poultry facility which provides safe and healthy broiler chickens to the society at an economical price. It operates an advanced and controlled broiler farm with the capacity of 60,000 birds per flock at a time. The farming cycle runs in loops all year round, supplying around 700,000 to 800,000 Kgs of meat in a year.
VivaSal’s Vision

Our ambition is to serve the society in reducing the gap between its current and required protein consumption (assessed as very low by WHO) by providing communities with safe, healthy and economically priced chicken, eggs and value added products, and to become the leading supplier of poultry products for the society.

VivaSal’s Mission

Our mission is to expand our facility to make it a fully vertically-integrated poultry business by the year 2025 with the dual objectives of offering high quality basic and value added poultry products to end- consumers in sync with changing lifestyle trends and fully capitalizing on the poultry market which has an annual growth potential of 10-12%.

Describe the work that you do in your role

I am providing strategic leadership for the company by working with the Board of Directors and the Group Leadership team to establish long term goals, strategies, plans and policies. Contribute to business planning at the top executive level to develop sales and business development strategies to achieve revenue, sales and profit targets (P&L). Ensure that Directors receive accurate, timely, and clear information.
Further entails ensuring the safety and efficiency of poultry farm operations. Prioritizing tasks and deciding on the necessary amount of machinery and number of workers.

Indicate previous experience and/or areas of career proficiency/achievenments

Head of Corporate Function Supply Chain, Panasian Group, Lahore – Pakistan (Mar’16 to Dec’ 18)
Lead and direct all facets of supply chain management including sourcing, procurement, logistics, warehousing, inventory management, material forecasting and financial costing. Provide leadership and direction on a cross functional basis. Develop and implement Supply Chain strategies and processes to deliver best in class performance excellence.

Chief Executive Officer, Equipsis (Pvt.) Ltd., Lahore – Pakistan Jan’14 to Nov’15

Providing business development & management , strategy development & execution to drive change management and improvements in strategic execution, leadership and organization development, corporate governance, risk management, procedural compliance to achieve strategic, financial and operational goals.

Created “Customer Services Call Centre” built on opportunity to improve, ethics, people, process, and value supporting strengths of knowledge, accuracy, responsiveness, attitude, timeliness and ease of doing business with us.

Managing $3M to $6M turnover for the world’s strongest brands Hilti, Chicago Pneumatic and Saft Batteries in construction and industrial sectors.

Chief Operating Officer, Hilti Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd., Lahore – Pakistan Jul’12 to Dec’13

Successfully managed business operations including Sales & Marketing, Customer Services, Finance, Supply Chain, Human Resources, and Information &Communication Technology to achieve to achieve strategic, financial and operational goals.
Pioneered value-added staff models to incentivize and engage everyone in the mission. Mentor young through senior talent, aligning organizational needs with each player’s needs. Maintained employee retention level while greatly improving metrics.

Successfully achieved $2M+ turnover during 2012-13 fiscal years, 500+ Hilti customers and 23 rating for HFI (Hilti Fan Index) through GEOS.

Panasian Group of Companies (Hilti Pakistan, VPL Limited, Equinox, eBusiness), Lahore – Pakistan

GM Operational Excellence, Nov’09 to Jul’12
Manager IT Jul’06 to Oct’09

Drove strategic planning & execution, operations management and collaboration among all stakeholders in Supply Chain Management, Customer Services, Repair Centre, Information & Communication Technology and Operational Excellence across all operating companies under the umbrella of Panasian Group of companies.

Spearheaded continuous process improvements across all global business units (IT, HR, Finance & Accounting, Administration, Sales & Marketing, Customer & After sales services, Supply chain and Workshop management) for VPL Limited in 2012.

Lead the project “GPMS Implementation” to Re-engineer and map Hilti Pakistan’s business process with Hilti International’s GPMS (Global Process Management System) and got Hilti Pakistan ISO 9001:20018 Certification in 2011. Improved “Inventory in Hand’ by 25%, “Disciplined Sales Execution” by 30%, “Landed Cost” by 10%, Per Employee IT Cost by 5%.

Masterfully transitioned and reorganized services functions of(Customer Services, Repair Centre, Supply Chain, Information Technology and Operational Excellence) through corporate merger of national level operations in 2009. Introduced Change Management across all personnel and managed, mentored and unified 5 independent, non-collaborating team leads into a highly integrity based, accountable, and cohesive management team. Stabilized fragile workforce while achieving greatly improved internal & external customer service quality.

Collaborated with administration, planned, designed and setupWarehouse in Karachi and Hilti Centre in Islamabad and shifted Warehouse and Workshop facilities in Lahore to new location without interruption of operations (2009) to improve the material availability and customer service level.

Planning, designing, developing and implementing iScala ERP, CRM and MIS for automation of all business processes and to provide online and in-time reports to Management for in-time and calculated decisions - VPL Limited Year 2007, Equinox Pvt Ltd Year 2007, Hilti Pakistan Year 2008 – 2009 and e-Business 2009.

Planning, Designing and deployment of LAN for five offices and WAN, Communication Network among five locations in three cities of Pakistan (2006, 2009).

Medipharm (Pvt.) Ltd. (Licensee of Schering AG, Germany), Lahore – Pakistan

Information & Communication Technology Partner Nov’1994-Jun’2006

Major Projects:
? Business Processes Re-engineering.
? EPICOR-iScalaERP planning, designing and implementation (Manufacturing/MPC, MRP and MPS modules).
? Business Intelligence tool planning, designing, development and implementation.
? “Plato” Corporate Planning Tool (Expense, Sales) implementation.
? EPICOR-iScalaERP planning, designing and implementation (Financial, Logistics and Payroll modules)
? Planning, designing and implementation of Local Area Network of two sites (60 clients) on Windows NT Platform.
? Wide Area Network (VPN) for three sites. (2-Pakistan and 1-Bangkok)

Assistant Business Application Manager (Apr’2001- Jun’2006),
System Administrator(Apr’2001- Jun’2006), Network Administrator(Nov’1994- Mar’2001)

Describe your success in your professional life and achievements

1. Managed $3M to $6M turnover for the world’s strongest brands Hilti, Chicago Pneumatic and Saft Batteries in construction and industrial sectors.
2. Successfully achieved $2M+ turnover during 2012-13 fiscal years, 500+ Hilti customers and 23 rating for HFI (Hilti Fan Index) through GEOS.

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I was not member of any Club or Society

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