Alumni Profiles

Abdul Majid Khan

Organization Information

Laboratory Systems (LabSystems) is an IT organization providing products and innovative solutions and services addressing customers' needs.
We partner with LabWare to provide software solutions for all types of labs in all Industries with an easily configured Enterprise Laboratory Platform (ELP).

LabSystems is a customer-driven, local services organization helping our customers reduce costs, optimize efficiency and improve quality. We also assist our customers to comply with international standards like ISO 17025.

Describe the work that you do in your role

my role in labsystems in to implement Labware lims in different customer sites which also includes the support i.e. standard software issues and extended support. I also train people with having different sessions of training with the customers either in our office or at the customer site.
LabWare (LIMS and ELN) New System Implementation,Existing System Standard Software Maintenance,Extended Software support (On-Site & Off-Site),LIMS System Upgradation Services,System Modules Upgradation,LIMS System Health-Check

Indicate previous experience and/or areas of career proficiency/achievenments

CCNA from CORVIT Lahore:
Cisco certified network Associate is a traditional networking course for a beginner in networks, I’ve done this Course from CORVIT a renowned institute in Lahore, Pakistan. Spend about 200hrs on their Routers. Skills to troubleshooting & configuring routers has drastically improved my interest in networks.

Linux from CORVIT Lahore:
RHCSA is the certified Linux course, done training on Linux at CORVIT Lahore and learned administration roles and management from Linux system in red hat version 6.

Hostel Database Management System in SQL Language
Semester project in database systems, developed the system for helping and managing efficiently hostel. Room allotments and students management system was developed to ensure smoothness in the system. The project was also supported by Rector of University of management and technology.

Web Based Personal Portfolio:
The very first web based project to ensure the development in html5 and css3, this website was developed for the personal portfolio for a startup in Web development.

Final Year Project (My Admission Web Application):
My final year project was an admission helping application which allows users to apply to any institute remotely, this new and unique product based project provides an ease to students who are applying in different institutes by just creating a brief profile. It has following features:
Students creates a detailed profile in order to get enough information to apply in any institute across Pakistan.
The main objective of the My Admission Application are listed below.

1 Providing the students to apply to any institute across Pakistan.
2 One platform for all the admission procedures.
3 University News & Admission Alert system.
4 Improvement in Different University marketing technique.

Following are the technologies that we used

• CSS3


• Intellij Idea (IDE)
• PHP Storm
• Adobe Dreamweaver
• Notepad ++
• Chrome
• Firefox
• Internet Explorer
• My SQL workbench

SPM Hostel Database Management system:

• A software project management semester course project.
• I was the team leader of the semester project.
• Maintained Planning, dividing project into milestones while focusing in quality to achieve high throughput of the team in less time.
• In this way completed the project before 3 weeks and awarded extra points (Marks).

Django polling application:
• Has developed a poll application using Python 3.4 and Django Framework.
• It’s a basic poll application which is being used for choosing the choices to the relevant questions.

Describe your success in your professional life and achievements

I am the leading consultant in my company which involves the increase in business of the company. I implemented the certificate authority i.e. secure server communication in the world biggest oil refineries in Ynbue, Jubail, Rabigh. none of my customers are unhappy from me. I am the core pillar of the company.

Write your activities and achievement if you were member of any club or society in UMT?

I was the President of the oldest club of UMT. UMT Overseas participant club. (OPC). I managed different events in year 2014-2015. PS in 2011 I was the Member of Welfare Society in University of Management & Technology Lahore.
Volunteer at 8th convocation of University of management & technology in 2012.IEEE student’s branch member also participated in 2011.

What do you remember about your time in ILM / IMT /UMT?

I miss UMT, The place which created me, I will never forgot this place in my life. UMT teaches me a lot. I used to say ATHAN in mosque very ofently and I really miss that time. I used to chat and wander around in free time with friends. the teachers were awesome. I really miss every moment i spent in UMT.