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Azaz Waheed

Organization Information

Provides all real estate services. No matter if you want to sell your agriculture, residential, commercial, industrial land or you want to purchase your dream home. We will serve you with smile providing you the best in the town. Our Construction Department can provide you all building solutions from designing to finishing.
We are providing consultancy services like:

Value appraisal/assessment
Land designing & development
Property management

Describe the work that you do in your role

1- Manage information technology and computer systems:
* Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of IT
* Meet with managers to discuss system requirements, specifications, costs and timelines
* Control the computer systems, budgets and expenditures

2- Ensure technology is accessible and equipped with current hardware and software:
* Troubleshoot hardware, software and network operating system
* Familiar with all hardware and software, network system
* Provide individual training and support on request
* Maintain current and accurate inventory of technology hardware, software and resources

3- Monitor and maintain technology to ensure maximum access:
* Troubleshoot all technology issues
* Maintain log and/or list of required repairs and maintenance
* Make recommendations about purchase of technology resources
* Provide network access to all staff
* Install work stations
* Connect and set up hardware
* Load all required software
* Provide network accounts and passwords as required
* Monitor security of all technology

4- Search Engine Optimization / Social Media Marketing
* Define requirements, tasks, and resources associated to SEO strategy
* Manage and execute implementation of SEO strategy
* Communication to clients, and management on strategy/project development, timelines, and results
* Keep pace with SEO, search engine, social media and internet marketing trends and development
* Develop and implement link building campaigns

Indicate previous experience and/or areas of career proficiency/achievenments

- Assistant IT and Project Manager.
- Warehouse Management

Describe your success in your professional life and achievements

The discipline of organizational behavior is concerned with identifying and managing the attitudes and actions of individuals and groups, looking particularly at how people can be motivated to join and remain in the organization, how to get people to practice effective teamwork, how people can accomplish their jobs more efficiently, and how employees can be encouraged to be more flexible and innovative

Write your activities and achievement if you were member of any club or society in UMT?

Member of IT and Marketing Club

What do you remember about your time in ILM / IMT /UMT?

The best part of my life i've spent...