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Muhammad Atif Ramay

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SoftVerx was established in 1999 with the aim to provide quality services in the field of information technology. SoftVerx offers a complete information technology solution i.e. software development, web presence, integration, extension and information infrastructure. SoftVerx works with its customers in transforming the way their working procedures, making their organizations more efficient and productive.

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Designs, plans, and coordinates technical projects. Provides technical support to and may lead and manage a group of software/systems developers/engineers/analysts toward project goals and completion. Responsibilities may include: managing project plans and timelines, writing specifications, creating documentation and evaluating project results.
Administers, plans, coordinates, implements and maintains computerized databases and develops policies and procedures for ensuring the security and integrity of the database. Designs data models, performs imports, monitors the database for potential problems, and creates end user reports. Confers with other departments to maximize the value of the data and determine impact of changes on other systems. Establishes and maintains policies, procedures and standards relating to database management.

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Mr. Muhammad Atif Ramay serves the SoftVerx, an IT Solution Provider that works to promote the businesses of corporations by providing best IT Solutions which Fasten and Accurate their businesses not in Pakistan but in other countries also, as the IT Project Manager.

He is a thorough professional and one of probably only a handful of project management professionals in Pakistan that have managed the projects of huge and complex architectures. What makes him stand out in the crowd in his profession is his diversity and assortment of skills and knowledge.

Mr. Ramay has so far, in his association with SoftVerx, not only managing his team and projects successfully but has also managing the administrative issues of the company.

He has a fairly diverse portfolio of responsibilities, which include, among other things, approving funds, tracking expenditure, making spending projections, paying salaries, chasing local and foreign projects, project proposals, project plans, system analyzing and designing, managing development team, managing client training and implementing systems etc. He has proved adept at managing these technical and managerial responsibilities very well.

Mr. Ramay also stands in as acting Director in the absence of the Director, reflecting the high level of confidence in his professionalism that the organization reposes in him.

Asad Aftab

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