Alumni Profiles

Mudassar Iftikhar

Organization Information

Crescent Bahuman initially was a joint venture between Crescent Textile Mills, Pakistan and Greenwood Mills USA. It is now being owned by Crescent group. Crescent Bahuman is Pakistan’s first vertical integrated unit and South East Asia’s largest plant, comprising the area of 200 acres. The process starts with the raw cotton and end on superior quality denim wear, which is being delivered to leading denim dealers in the world like Levi’s, Mustang, Benshermen, Carrera, McGordon, Aalf, Big Star, Arizona and Blend etc. Brief introduction of HR which is responsible for hiring firing and development, PGB which is responsible for the power generation, EHS which is responsible for environment health and safety, Marketing which is responsible for customer relationship and revenue generation, PD which is responsible for new and customer developments, IE which is responsible for effective management of time, PPC which is responsible for production plans, Supply Chain which is responsible for all the supplies at plant, Finance which is responsible for every type of costing, IT which is responsible for up-gradation of technology, Mechanical & Civil Engineering which is responsible for maintenance and architectural work, Quality Assurance which is responsible for ensuring quality standards, Spinning & Yarn Lab which is responsible for yarn production, Ball Warping which is responsible for producing logs, Dyeing which is responsible for dyeing yarn, Weaving which is responsible for production of fabric, Finishing & Grading which is responsible for different finishes, Cutting which is responsible for garment cut bundles, Sewing which is responsible for production of garments, GWP which is responsible for producing scrapping and wash effects and Stoneage which is responsible for producing fashion garments.

Describe the work that you do in your role

• Coordination with Marketing & PPC for Fabric Plan & Supply-chain for out-source yarn procurement.
• Fabric development for customers like Levi’s, Mustang, Bensherman, Carrrera, Blend, Arizona, Alf, Diesel, Big Star, Dressman, Perialace and Middle-east.
• Providing plan to inhouse spinning, ball-warping, dyeing, re-beaming, sizing, weaving and finishing.
• Ensuring in-time deliveries of warp and weft for uniform process flow.
• Working on dyeing plan, lead-times and fabric required and availability dates for inhouse cutting and shipments.
• Defining & meeting production targets to keep processes harmonized.
• Maximizing productions, efficiencies, quality and WIP.
• Minimizing costs, down-times, wastages, number of knotting/articles and yarn inventory stock level.
• ERP based working like raising demands, issuance, complaints, service completion notes, inward gate-pass, attendance, leaves and appraisals.
• Looking after new projects & installations like machinery erection (new 20 looms shed) and modifications on looms (stop motion assembly), re-beaming (dropper wires) and ball-warping (O-rings).
• Assisting in hiring, firing and trainings of workers. Responsible for their appraisal, increments and promotions.
• Helping in yearly Budgeting and cost allocation of overall department and sub-sections.
• Working on human resource management (resource loading & resource leveling) and Risk management, Bottle-necks, critical paths and network diagrams.
• Heading and managing shed of 318 workers.

Indicate previous experience and/or areas of career proficiency/achievenments

• Assistant Manager Weaving since July 14, 2008 at Crescent Bahuman Limited (CBL) Lahore-Sargodha road, Bahuman District Hafizabad Pakistan
• 3 months orientation of CBL (integrated denim unit) from Cotton to Carton, including all processes like spinning, yarn testing, weaving, fabric testing, dyeing, shade hunter-lab, finishing, grading, cutting, sewing, garment wet processing, industrial engineering, human resource, supply chain, finance, quality, electrical, mechanical and civil workshops.
• 4 months experience of R&D Textiles (Research for new fashion developments, customer developments, sampling and seasonal collections in denim).
• 2 months Internship at Nishat Weaving Mill Bikhi, Faisalabad Road Sheikhupura.
• Merchandiser from March 2008 till June 2008 at Business One Inc. DHA Lahore. Dealing customers from Belgium, Portugal, Germany and Italy.
• Teacher Assistant of Dr. Faheem (Textile Testing), at UMT Lahore. Helping in daily Lectures, invigilation and quiz checking.

Describe your success in your professional life and achievements

Have worked for the standardization of all sections of department. standardization includes better documentation, record keeping, SOP development and profiles development. studied standard values and times to perform certain jobs and implemented them on floor. Worked for required work forces, better house-keeping, resource loading, resource leveling and risk management. Worked with foreigners for research & developments of new tools and techniques and also for establishment of new products that attracted modern day customers. Worked for maximum efficiency and productivity with minimizing wastage and downtime. Developed cost saving techniques and implemented them for the growth of the company.

Write your activities and achievement if you were member of any club or society in UMT?

3 times Dean’s Merit Award winner at University. Ranked 1st at the job assessment tests from Narejo HR consultancy firm, held throughout Pakistan.

What do you remember about your time in ILM / IMT /UMT?

Very sweet memories of student life with blend of friends, studies, festivals and canteen. Bunking classes, taking quizzes, writing assignments, internet surfing, food at canteen, late night sittings and preparation for exams. meeting with lecturers, keep waiting for results, searching names in deans & rectors merit list were few of favorite things we miss much about university.