Alumni Profiles

Khurram Shahzad Butt

Organization Information

Warid Telecom is a joint venture between Abu Dhabi Group & SingTel Group. Abu Dhabi Group entered into a strategic alliance with Singapore Telecom. Subsequent to this transaction in July 2007, telecom giant SingTel acquired 30% percent equity stake in Warid Telecom, Pakistan, for US$758 million. This partnership is part of a strategy to support Warid Telecom’s continued growth and to enhance its market position.

Abu Dhabi Group, one of the largest business groups in the Middle East and the single largest foreign investor in Pakistan. It has diversified business interests, offering strong financial resources and extensive management expertise that result in commercial success for several institutions.

SingTel’s investment in mobile operations include, Advanced Info Service (AIS) –Thailand, (21.4%), Bharti Telecom Group – India (30.5%), Optus Telecom – Australia (100%), Globe Telecom – Philippines (44.5%), Pacific Bangladesh Telecom (PBTL) - Bangladesh (45%), Telkomsel – Indonesia (35%) and Warid Telecom – Pakistan (30%).

Describe the work that you do in your role

- Conduct best effort testing for all the new products (Voice, VAS, Data) and any change in the current product / service structure to capture all the revenue related activities.
- Verify the CDRs from end to end revenue cycle once the Engineering conduct the testing on the services.
- Maintain Trend and Reconciliations on the daily basis for Prepaid & Postpaid revenue usage streams. Help in Identification of leakages based upon dimensions of VAS, RENTALS, VOICE, Date & Time.
- Ensure all the files delivered by all the network nodes and IT source systems are processed, loaded and aggregated on Day - 1

Indicate previous experience and/or areas of career proficiency/achievenments

Audit & Analysis, Stratergy Management, Risk Analysis, Credit Evaluation, Credit Monitoring, Credit Operations, Management Reporting, Team Management. Drafting Policy & Procedures, Process Flow

Describe your success in your professional life and achievements

My focuse is on hardworking and efficient approach towards work, i follow the work and personality athics and by doing so i am the part of success of my current employer. Trust & support of Management and subordinates is the key to success and i am fully concentrating on it as its team work and not indivisual briliance which matters.

Write your activities and achievement if you were member of any club or society in UMT?


What do you remember about your time in ILM / IMT /UMT?

Every person in this world is blessed with skills by the grace of ALLAH Almighty and after parents its teachers and institutions which perform important part in developing and recognizing their skills. I found my self lucky and have great proud in saying that I am the part of University of Management and Technology. For those who are studying currently in UMT, I wish them bright future, to focus on hard work and fully exploit the opportunities being at UMT. For those who are looking forward for quality educations are advised to be the part University of Management and Technology to meet future demands of the world and for bright future.