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Hassan Ahmed

Organization Information

The history of Ali Group dates back to pre-independence days, almost a century ago, when the highly dynamic personality of Sir Syed Maratib Ali envisioned the importance of trade and industry in the sub-continent. He expanded his agricultural business into trading and industrial partnerships. Soon after independence of Pakistan in 1947, the business activities were further developed into industrialized operations. Treet Corporation was setup in 1952 and is almost as old as the country itself. Companies within Group are Semi-Autonomous units responsible for their own budgeting, new products launch, market decisions and new venture exploration and pricing. Operating as strategic business units, they are treated as internal profit centers by the corporate headquarter i.e. Treet Corporation limited, the holding company. These business units develop their business strategies though independently from other businesses but are trained to remain in-tune with broader corporate business policies. Corporate strategy (by the Parent Company) seeks to develop synergies across business units by sharing and coordinating staff, making investments in these units and using them to complement other corporate business activities.

The business of the Treet Group is as follows:

Manufacturing and selling of shaving blades/disposable razors;
Manufacturing and selling of corrugated packaging ;
Manufacturing and selling of soaps;
Assembling and selling of motorcycles (including Rickshaws);
Educational Projects;
Manufacturing and selling of lead acid batteries;
Labor-Hire Services;
Floatation and control of Modarabas; etc;
Manufacturing and selling of high quality Hemodialysis Concentrates (solutions & powder) for all brands of dialysis machines.

Describe the work that you do in your role

Being a part of Large group at Treet Group of Companies, Packaging Procurement poses a huge challenge in meeting the demands of the group, On Time, in Full. This opened a whole new horizon of Planning, Negotiations and managing deliveries as per Forecast and Production Schedules.
• Develop and execute sourcing strategies and strategic plans covering Market trends, Supply assurance, Quality improvement, Cost optimizations and Supplier development.
• Lead New Vendor Developments for better sourcing for new and existing requirements.
• Lead and facilitate sourcing activity, analysis, negotiations, contracting and implementation.
• Bridge relevant activities and Information between Marketing, Planning, Production and Vendors.
• Assess Market, Law & Order situation and to make timely decisions to meet requirements.
• Communication and alignment with all Internal and External Stakeholders for requirements and time-lines updates.
• Benchmarks relevant market data to ensure continuous process improvement.
• Coach and develop peers and teammates to drive additional value and sourcing process Improvement.
• Minimize related Operational Delays by Strategic Alignment with concerned Teams, Internally and Externally. Keep track of Supplier KPIs for Improvements and development needs.

Indicate previous experience and/or areas of career proficiency/achievenments

I have 11 years’ Experience, comprising of PLANNING (including Demand & Supply Planning,
Procurement Planning, Production Planning & Scheduling, Materials Planning), PROCUREMENT
(Raw, Packaging, Machinery & Equipment), FORECASTING (including Targets Monitoring),
LOGISTICS (including Negotiations, contracting for both Inbound and Outbound), IMPORTS
(includes Development, Negotiations and Shipment handling) and WAREHOUSING, with
Targeted and result oriented approach. This has equipped me with Practical knowledge and
Experience of End-to-End Supply Chain.

Worked as Manager Planning & Developments, heading Business Planning as a whole and Developments for New Project, i.e. Specialized Packaging Targeted for Pharma Industry. I am also Leading Data Organizing for Analytical Reporting and Decision Support Project which will also serve the ground working for ERP Implementation. Key Responsibilities are;
• Business Processes Re-Engineering.
• Budgeting and Forecasting
• Alignment of Materials and Production Planning.
• Organization of Company’s Historical Data to Facilitate ERP Implementation.
• Customers Evaluation and Monitoring based on Historical Trends.
• Sales Support Function for New Developing Businesses with Large Scale Pharma Concerns.

The Position presented a very vital Role in the company as to view critically and deeply, where the Demand was moving into and what were current and future Market Needs to take care off. At the same time, aligning Production, Marketing and Sales Teams, and most importantly, all the materials required for Weekly & Monthly Productions Plans, also keeping in view the bigger picture, i.e. Yearly Plans for Imports. Key responsibilities included;
• Production Planning and Scheduling.
• MRP based on Forecasting & Stocks levels
• Imports Planning and Scheduling after negotiations.
• New Development Projects and Trainings.
• DIFOT & OTIF Implementation & monitoring.
• Conduct Weekly S&OP Meeting and follow-ups on the decisions made.
• Monitoring of Daily Logistical Activities, Aging of FG and RM.
• ERP/S&D Systems Reconciliations and Improvements.
• Supply Chain Processes Monitoring and Improvements.
• Preparation of Yearly Procurement Budget, based on Forecast.

As Assistant Manager Supply Chain, I looked after Development and execution of yearly procurement plan of 1000+ Raw and Packing Materials, maintaining necessary inventory levels. Also, Sourcing and vendors selection for Raw & Packing materials, Fruits and Vegetables and transportation. Key tasks performed were;
• RSF Based Requirements Planning.
• Execution of Procurement Plan of Packaging Materials
• Verification & fulfillment of Requirements as per weekly Production Planning Meeting
• Maintenance and Execution of Yearly Plans of Imports and Fruits & Vegetables
• Inventory System Improvement for Upgradations and Data Accuracy in collaboration with IT Team
• Trends & Data Analysis for Improved DIFOT, Optimum Stocks Level and Forecasting.
• New Launches Developments & arrangements in collaboration with Marketing, Sales, R&D and Finance Teams.
• Key Account Management of US-FDA, Cellular Service Providers, Shell & Bulk Fuel arrangements
Reducing the Inventory levels upto 50%, resulting in huge financial saving through Successfully Implementation of VMI Model.

Worked as Assistant Officer Logistics & FG Warehouse in Supply Chain Department. Major job responsibilities included;
• FG warehouse reconciliation and management.
• Arrangement of vehicles for dispatch.
• Coordination with Transporters and Customers.
• Vehicle tracking to ensure on time delivery.
• Maintaining and Analysis of stock, logistical and dispatch data.
• Responsible for monthly/yearly audits
(Developed Official document formats for Reporting and Data Collection in Supply Chain Department before implementation of ERP)

Describe your success in your professional life and achievements

Developed Portal for planning accuracy and Supply Chain Efficiency to calculate and schedule Materials with respect to Sales Forecast, reducing significant planning lead times as well as delivery lead times.
Developed Rolling Import Plans for smooth execution and Import Procedures in consideration of optimum Stock Levels and Lead Times

Write your activities and achievement if you were member of any club or society in UMT?

Member of SCAP
Member of Pakistan Chapter of System Dynamics Society

What do you remember about your time in ILM / IMT /UMT?

As far as Professional studies are concerned, UMT is an excellent place for learning and developing academic and Professional skills. We were trained by some world-class Resource Persons who not only polished the skills but also gave clear directions for up-coming Professional life.
However UMT needs more effort to manage infrastructure and relationship with the professional world.