Alumni Profiles

Ali Raza

Organization Information

Its a Telecom Company and is Leading Mobile Operator in Kuwait and few other countries. Deals in connections, Data, Voice, 3G, New mobiles, offers, services . Has 2nd largest market share with excellent services and repute in the Market . It is the strongest brand in the country as well.

Describe the work that you do in your role

I am Product Specialist in Product Development & VAS department mainly taking care of Quality, Customer Experience and testing of products & services. I also take care of VAS Management by assuring that quality of already launched products remain up to the mark and customers gets the best customer experience while using any service.

Indicate previous experience and/or areas of career proficiency/achievenments

Have worked in different industries like Manufacturing and export company, Online IT software development and direct selling companies. My speciality areas are Customer Services, Call Center Operations, CS Operations, Quality Assurance, Standardization , Marketing, Training, Export Operations.

Describe your success in your professional life and achievements

Helped in timely & successful launch of new products and manage the revenue of old products . Received many awards with my previous employer such as:
Runner up Supervisor of the Month - Got it twice.
Surprise awards for working on different projects and launching them in record time successfully.

Write your activities and achievement if you were member of any club or society in UMT?

I was member of Overseas Participants Club.

What do you remember about your time in ILM / IMT /UMT?

It was short time as was in Executive but it was productive specially the major courses studied from Sir Asher Ramish.... Best learning ... The new campus was far away but it was awesome. The only thing I miss is that I couldnt get my self involved in extra curricular activities due to my job...