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Qamar Hassan Iqbal

Business Started Year


No of Employees

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Brief description of business:

Ocentra Engineering Services was established in year 2014 as a telecommunication, Power and Automation company. Since then our primary focus has been upon serving multinational service providers through various services related to telecom, electrical services, designing industrial automation, control process & Instrumentation. Through our extensive task history we have developed a customer service oriented business philosophy. Proactive and timely customer service is the backbone of our company.

Challenges you faced or facing

When I Register my Company main issue that I face investment, Relation in Vendor for taking Project. but Alhamdulillah's we achieve our all targets.

Growth/goals you are looking in next five years

leading role in field of renewable Energy.

Whom you consider are your direct competitors

Reon, Skyelectric, Fast Solar

One key advice for upcoming businessman/entrepreneurs

Should be Excel about your Business before Startup.

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