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Sharib Jamil

Business Started Year


No of Employees

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Brief description of business:

Pakistan is home to an extraordinary variety of climatic conditions. Our climate is one of the most aggressive on Earth.Your vehicle is more than likely your second biggest investment, after property. You wouldn’t want to trust that kind of investment with just anyone. It is an investment. Something you value and take pride in. You want it protected by professionals, detailed by perfectionists and pampered by enthusiasts. Our team is all passionate about what they do and will always treat your vehicle as if it were their own, with the utmost care and safety.

Challenges you faced or facing

Following are some major challenges we faced and are still facing:
Social constraints:
The first and most popular problem which is usually dealt with is the social constraint, or to be more precise, the sort of culture system which prevails in Pakistan. The youth is expected to be completely family oriented. Even though the society today supports education and is quite liberal in comparison with old times, but there are still some things which are not acceptable at any cost.
Education bureaucracy:
There is another issue which is called the education bureaucracy. Most universities in Pakistan are being maintained with the help coming from HEC. The teachers are not concerned with the possibility of a concept being commercially supported; rather all they care about is the theoretical standing of it. Professors lack the quality of recognizing and realizing the importance of competition among the students, in terms of entrepreneurship. Their major aim is to complete the course within the given time, practical implication of things do not matter to them.
Lack of flexibility:
There is one other issue, which is that the young entrepreneurs go by a set of rules, which is formulated with the help of a business plan. This idea stops them from experiencing new waves, there is no room for risks, therefore flexibility is nowhere to be seen. This tends to put them in a state which is rather twisted.

Growth/goals you are looking in next five years

Ensure that customers’ needs and expectations are determined and fulfilled to a standard of excellence which fully satisfies their requirements.
Communicate throughout the Company the importance of meeting customer needs and all statutory and regulatory requirements.
Monitor processes that will lead to continual improvements; to recognize and prevent non-conformance issues.
Ensuring the availability of resources.
We strive to enhance knowledge, motivate and train our staff to acquire the necessary skills to ensure continual improvement of our Quality Management System in our endeavor to be the best in the field and we ensure that our Quality Policy is well communicated and understood by the staff within the organization
Continuous improvement and effectiveness of our QMS and to ensure the suitability to our industry, international standards, customer needs and expectations.

By the end of 5th year, We want to be known as the most professional, transparent and reliable Car Detailing and Coating Company in Pakistan.

Whom you consider are your direct competitors

The Companies whose Products we will be using such as:
1. Meguiar's, Inc
2. Areon
3. AutoGlym

One key advice for upcoming businessman/entrepreneurs

Just a single line " Do It".
No matter the circumstances, consequences. There will never be a right time.
No one is born a seasoned entrepreneur – we all learn by making mistakes. In fact, experts say that making mistakes early in life is much better than making the same mistakes years later and losing money in the process.

However, while ‘making mistakes’ is one way to learn, another great way of gaining knowledge is through learning from the mistakes of others. In this option, you also have the benefit of gaining valuable knowledge without the risk of financial loss.

1. Have Clear Vision and Objective
2. Stay Focused
3. Don’t Chase Investors
4. Ask for Help
5. Have a Growth Strategy

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