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Muhammad Rashid Bashir

Business Started Year


No of Employees

Business Size as compare to your respective industry/Sector


Brief description of business:

• We have official franchisee of PSO(Pakistan State Oil) in Johar town Lahore, mainly deal with the supply of Petrol, diesel and High Tech Lubricants to the end consumer by ensuring quality and quantity standards issued by OGRA and Government Of Pakistan.

• Expo oil traders deals with the supply of kerosene oil Light diesel oil in the local market and in paint and leather industry. Basically it is a quota based system business and good communication skills, PR is a key. Moreover, you must have some tactics and techniques through which you can observe and Analyze Market graphs. The credit goes to UMT. Which helps you in finding your inner traits and taught you to flourish them and gave you a broader picture of everything and urge to do something big.

Challenges you faced or facing

We have faced many challenges and still we are facing like recently we have faced shortage of fuel because of dispute between oil companies and Govt etc.

Growth/goals you are looking in next five years

We are looking not so much growth in our business in coming 5 years to see the current situation of world due to this pandemic.

Whom you consider are your direct competitors

Many other oil companies are running like Shell ,Total and Hascol etc we consider them as competitors.

One key advice for upcoming businessman/entrepreneurs

I advice to upcoming businessmen in this profession is belong to our prophet so take it with full honest and follow the rules and regulations of Islam being a muslim and also serve for the welfare of humanity.

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