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Sameer Muhammad Tahir

Business Started Year


No of Employees

Business Size as compare to your respective industry/Sector


Brief description of business:

ASK Engineering and Construction was established in 2013 with its primary aim to become the pioneer in the field of construction, Energy and engineering sector of Pakistan. Its primary aim is to provide electrical, civil and energy related works with all the various requisites to cater growing energy, engineering and construction demands in Pakistan and to boost economy of the country.
The state-of-the-art technology was introduced in the most significant and innovative trends in following

• Domestic (Interior designing, Fancy Architecture Designing and construction)
• Commercial (Professional Architecture designing and construction)
• Industrial (Iron shed structures)

• Energy management System (EnMS) ISO 50001
• Energy Conservation and Efficiency through energy audits and energy solutions such as Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind Energy, Bio Gas

• BMS system, Automation services
• Machine parts designing and Manufacturing

Challenges you faced or facing

Due to current situation of COVID-19 the businesses have effected badly. However the marketing and its relative techniques is the major challenge at this time.

Growth/goals you are looking in next five years

I am looking forward to become one of the major players in providing renewable energy solutions to industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Whom you consider are your direct competitors

a. Sky Electric
b. Nizam Solar
c. Izhar Energy

One key advice for upcoming businessman/entrepreneurs

In Pakistan whatever the business you are entering in the consumer retention is a major challenge and opportunity at the same time

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