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Ahmed Khalid

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Brief description of business:

We are operating as a wholesale supplier of ladies Clothes (3 pc Shalwar Qameez) in Azam Cloth market which is main apparel hub of ladies and gents clothes. We purchase printed cloth in bulk, then we pass it through several procedures such as cutting and embroidery etc and then sell it to retailers. Also we are working online as well, but since we are new in market our online generates 20% of business.

Challenges you faced or facing

Right after graduating from UMT, i started working with the Bank of Punjab as an MTO and i worked there for 3 years. So it was hard shift from corporate culture towards total Desi Culture. One of the biggest challenges that I faced was not keeping daily expenses and not keeping check on inventory due to which my business suffered huge loss. For the people who want to enter into the business, this might sound easy but in real it is not. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP CHECK ON YOUR INVENTORY ON DAILY BASIS. On another hand Pakistan's market stability is too bad. Since I started from 2019, continiously Pakistan is going through some crisis or market downfall.

Growth/goals you are looking in next five years

When I started the business my plans for five plans was that I should be able to have net profit +2 Million by expansion. By that I mean I wanted to open different retail stores in different cities including Lahore itself. Obviously I dont plan on opening it where there are big shots are sitting, but places where middle class or Lower class is available. Just Like I have very good sales in Abbotabad so might open a retail store there. But currently 5 years goal is just to survive now in this pandemic.

Whom you consider are your direct competitors

There are many competitors, Big Shots such as Khaadi etc, as well as wholesellers in Azam Market, but since there is a lot of room in this business, one can easily get settled.

One key advice for upcoming businessman/entrepreneurs

1- Never take your inventory easily, it can take your business down in matter of seconds, so make sure that you keep a check on it on daily basis. 2- Never give up, keep struggling through bad times in order to achieve the good times - Never Loose Hope in Allah Swt.

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