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Fahad Zafar

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Brief description of business:

The core idea behind WebHike is to boost online appearance that can be a website, web application or a Mobile app that can help customers to increase their business sales either you are a startup or running a successful business. Our main focus is our startups that need customers/clients for their business. As some hikers climb the mountain & reach at its destination after struggling and hard work. Same WebHike strives to anchor our clients' online businesses at the top of the mountain peak.
The name “WEBHIKE” originated from this idea, that tells our clients that someone is present in this dense online world on which we can believe and that someone will anchor and boost our business at the top of all.
WebHike Solutions pvt. ltd. is a registered company, Founded in 2016 and registered in 2018. Our services metropolis workplace, While planning about who to grow our clients business we have a tendency to keep in mind even the slightest detail which will assist you improve our clients businesses. WebHike Web solutions is always aware of the latest technologies & trends.
Services we offer:
- Online Business establishment & consulting
- SEO & Digital Marketing
- Web Application Development-
- E-commerce Solutions
- Mobile Application Development

Challenges you faced or facing

As this company was founded with an idea of delivering ease of business for our startups and business owners but sometimes startups get scared of these online business concepts. It is only because they are not much aware of the power of online business. WebHike is struggling & encouraging our startups and to business owners about the ease and power of online business. This is our big challenge we face every day and we are winning our challenge.

Growth/goals you are looking in next five years

Our main focus or goal is to help our startups. Because the new businesses always come with the new ideas. Because startups are the one who are struggling so they have more power to build some existing and new concepts that society needs as compared to already established businesses.
WebHike always strives to provide best solutions for online businesses and our aim is that our startups and business owners know who to solve the puzzle to get your online businesses established in less time and in less effort and WebHike always helps to solve these puzzles.

Whom you consider are your direct competitors

Our direct competitors are all those companies that are providing services in SEO & digital marketing and in web application development. And our competition is only with the technologies and techniques that these I.T companies use. As WebHike claims that we establish our clients online business in less time and in less budget by using our skills, techniques and expertise. If any other I.T company has a solution to establish clients online business in less time & in less budget than ours we can say that this is our direct competitor.

One key advice for upcoming businessman/entrepreneurs

The only advice for those who want to enter in this online business pool is that take your online business just like you're purchasing a land. After you purchase a land you can build a house or a building for commercial use and after that you rent it out. The concept of online business is the same as the land. You purchase a domain or space online. After you build any web application and after going through with all the directions required to establish online business. Now you multiple opportunities to earn from the platform you developed. Whatever idea you have just do it and Don't give up, be calm and just wait.

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