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Hamid Suhail

Business Started Year


No of Employees

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Brief description of business:

Quaid-Innovation (qi) is an Engineering & Trading Company Based in Lahore, We are working in multiple industrial fields to ensure Quality, Time and Satisfaction for our clients. A desire to be the best what we do, we are focusing on Top quality Lighting & Energy products and services.

We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with quality products at a very competent price. We use the almost endless possibilities of light to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. Our innovations enable people to see, communicate, travel and
live better.

Challenges you faced or facing


Growth/goals you are looking in next five years

Market Leader in Corporate Energy Solutions and Smart Home Construction.

Whom you consider are your direct competitors

Philips, GEWISS, NVC, OPPLE, Medium Level Scaled Construction Companies.

One key advice for upcoming businessman/entrepreneurs

Use Digital way for Marketing

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